Supported Projects

Although it is not the primary aim of this Foundation, it 
occasionally supports artistic projects, cultural events or 
private artists:

Structural projects:

From 2015 and on a yearly basis, the Kylian Foundation 
supports two scholarships to cover tuition for two dancers 
from Codarts in Rotterdam

2023 Milica Bajcetic and Indar Aritz Carmona Viňas
2022 Teade Abma and Michele Simi
2021 Milica Mucibabic and Filippo Gualandris 
2020 Viola Esmeralda Grappiolo and Gabriele Rolle
2019 Romane Ruggiero and Alejandro Fuster Guillen 
         plus an extra tuition to Jaime Neves
2018 Emmelie Anna Soderstrom and Dovydas Strimaitis 
2017 Beau Delwel and Lukas Karvelis
2016 Olivia Leconte and Louis Thuriot
2015 Marie-Louise Hertog and Efthimis Tsimageorgis

From 2019 and on a yearly basis, the Kylian Foundation 
supports two scholarships to cover tuition for two dancers 
from the Royal Conservatory The Hague

2023 Esmee Boevink and Floortje Steen
2022 Alicia Vaseo and Annamarie Westerik
2021 Soleil de Jager and Jelle-Johannes Hendrix
2020 Ryunosuke Ujihara and Nozomi Nakabayashi
2019 Fabienne Deesker and Matteo Morandini

From 2015 and on a yearly basis, the Kylian Foundation 
supports Holland Dance Festival’s project Good Old Times for 
amateur older dancers with yearly workshops and resulting in 
performances during each Holland Dance Festival edition

2022 Production choreographed by Rinus Sprong and Thom Stuart
2020 Production choreographed by Junadry Leocaria
2018 Production choreographed by Monique Masselink
2016 Production choreographed by Isabelle Chaffaud 
         and Jerome Meyer

From 2016 and on a bi-annual basis, the Kylian Foundation 
supports Korzo’s International Residencies linked to the India 
Dance Festival

2020 India Dance Festival (online edition Korzo)
2018 Rukmini Vijayakumar (India)
2016 Jittee Chompee (Thailand)

Odd projects:

2022 Financial support for Christmas Carol production
         from De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
2022 Financial support for Martijn van Mierlo 
         from De Dutch Don’t Dance Division 

2019 Twee Rivieren - documentary film 
         by Rob Niemantsverdriet about Erik Vos 
         (stage director and theater maker in the Netherlands).

2018 Contribution towards an educational exchange and 
         collaboration between Codarts Rotterdam and the Alvin Ailey 
         School of Dance New York

2017 Contribution towards an educational exchange and 
         performances with Codarts Rotterdam and The Alvin Ailey 
         School of Ballet at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York
2016 Contribution towards Welcome Canada!	
         educational exchange and performances (The Hague 
         during the Holland Dans Festival) by the Royal Conservatory 
         The Hague, Ballet Academy Amsterdam, Codarts Rotterdam 
         and the Canadian National Ballet School Toronto.

2014 Contribution towards contemporary dance development 
         for a Brazilian Ballet School 

2012 Various film projects 
         by visual artists, Jason Akira Somma (NY)

2012 Boston Modern Orchestra Project 
         by music composer Thomas Oboe Lee

2011 Anonymous - choreography 
         by Jiří Kylián, to celebrate the re-opening 
         of the Korzo Theatre in The Hague

2011 Amor - dance production 
         by Cora Bos Kroese in The Hague

International  Exchange

Realizing the importance of personal and professional 
contact between artists from countries with different 
political, social or cultural structures and beliefs, 
the Foundation initiated and organized international 
exchanges of students. For instance students from 
the Czech Republic, China and Slovakia were invited 
to the Netherlands to observe and work with different 
dance institutions in this country.

The foundation only supports projects of its own 
choice and does not accept any applications.