Grandmother of Pearl

The production of this photograph was initiated by the 
choreographer Karin Post. She is the curator of an 
exhibition "Pearls" in the Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden. 

The vernissage was on the 16th of September 2012. 

It includes a great variety of artworks by many artists:

Karin Post, Emio Greco, Hans van Manen, Natália Horečná, 
Leine Roebana, Michael Schumacher.

Visual artisis:
Marlene Dummas, Rineke Dijkstra, Joep van Lieshout, 
Erwin Olaf, Kinke Kooi, Yvonne Fontijne, 
Marijke van Warmerdam and others...

"Grandmother of Pearl"

Concept and direction - Jiří Kylián
Photo of Markéta Kyliánová - Roman Sejkot
Background photo and image assembly - Jason Akira Somma
Loan of Pearl - Juwelier Christianne Dings - Den Haag

Prepatory photography for BlackBird

Dancers: Megumi Nakamura, Ken Ossola, Photography: Jiří Kylián

Working photos for Posters NDT

Photography: Jean Marc Spaans, Photo Direction: Jiří Kylián

Preparatory photographs for NDT Posters. 

Photography: Gert Weigelt, concept and direction: Jiří Kylián.
Dancers: Elke Schepers and Martino Müller.