Kylián Ring

Outstanding artists who contribute in any progressive or innovative way 
to the development of dance are eligible to receive an award which carries 
the name the “Kylián Ring“. The Kylián Ring is designed by Hans Appenzeller 
and consists of a set of 14 rings, one for each letter of the award. 
The recipient of the award can choose a ring that fits and keep it when he 
or she hands on the award. The Kylián Foundation underwrites this award 
with the sum of € 5.000,--.

The Kylián Ring was initiated in 2006 by the former director of 
the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht, Leontien Wiering and the 
artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival, Samuel Wuersten.
There is no committee of judges who decide upon the new recipient 
of this award. It is the recipient himself or herself to decide who 
will be the next to receive the award always in close deliberation 
with the Kylián Foundation. In this way, such a gesture is very 
personal and it shows one artist’s appreciation of another. 

Recipients of the Kylián Ring:
2022 – Marco Goecke
2020 – Marianne Sarstädt
2018 – Alexandra Radius, Han Ebbelaar
2016 – Roel Voorintholt, Ton Wiggers
2014 – Janine Dijkmeijer
2012 – Ingrid Wolff
2010 – Ellen Knops
2008 – Michael Schumacher
2006 – Jiří Kylián 

The granting of the Jiri Kylián Ring is a collaboration between 
the Nederlandse Dansdagen and the Holland Dance Festival.